About Fortuna Downtown Business Association

The Fortuna Downtown Business Association is a subgroup of the Fortuna Business Improvement District (FBID). Its members are local business owners/employees. It sponsors many events as well as working on projects to beautify the downtown area.

Fortuna Downtown Business Association Minutes Section

Volunteers needed:

  • Minutes:  Who can take & type minutes

  • Downtown Hot line (phone that gives info on upcoming events):  need to listen and respond to messages

Minutes: approval

Fortuna Sunrise Rotary  Downtown proposed projects

  1. 200 American Flags from 8th Street to Rohner Park.  The placement was worked on last Friday 2/25/16

  2. 25-28 trees on mains street from 8th to the Rohner Park cost $15,000.00

  3. Town Square possible from 9th  to 12th

The Rotary presented the above projects to the City Council on March 23rd   A report of the Councils opinion was not available for the above project.  The parklet idea was not received well.

Apple Harvest: Sunday a multi cultural event will be pursued.   U S Bank (Melisa) offering a grant to put on a Multi Cultural event.

The grant is up to $8,000.00 and will be given to someone in Humboldt or Shasta County. It is on a first come first serve basis.

  • Clif Clendenen was unable to contact Melisa as of this time

It was decided to schedule an Apple Harvest committee meeting to proceed with the multi cultural event.  Possible people to help could be Lupe (Taco Loco) Carmen (Umpqua Bank) & owner of Garcia’s Flowers

North Coast Journal

  • Insider Magazine advertising promotion

  • Size was decided to go with a 1/3 page @ $1,600.00 (paid annually $400.00 per quarter)

  • Proof to be presented was not ready. We still are going to meet the print deadline.  The schedule for print is April, July, October, & January        

City wide yard sale application is ready & on-line.  Merchants in attendance wanted to continue with this project

Fortuna Street Clean Team next date April 23rd @ Strongs Creek. Went well with about 25 people helping

Flyers “Hand outs – do not give money to homeless” but to organizations that give hand up’s to them.  

New : Web Site.   FortunaDowntown.org was presented. Kyle is looking for more pictures.  It is easy to navigate

Christmas open house: Lisa would like to change up this event and have a central event perhaps at the Vets Hall or empty downtown business.  Organize it like a home show with side street merchants having booths, since customers seem to stay on Main Street.  Lisa would like to work on this concept.

Budget: Events discussed:                             

City Wide Yard Sale Continue

Main Street Art Revisit after Greens building is completed